Weather Alert Issued for Monday

This article was published on: 07/17/16 8:07 PM by Curt

1280x960_30711C00-ORFMZ_1462717768730_8458540_ver1.0 The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has issued a bad air day alert for Monday. Ozone levels are expected to be unhealthy for all of Connecticut on Monday. The unhealthy air quality will impact children, the elderly and those with respiratory disease such as asthma. It is advised that those people with respiratory and other health problems limit their time outdoors and avoid prolonged strenuous activities or exercise.

Unhealthy concentrations of ground level ozone can cause or make worse a variety of respiratory and other health problems including breathing difficulty, coughing, and throat irritation and worsen asthma episodes. Anyone can be affected by ozone; particularly sensitive groups that include children, elderly, people with respiratory disease, such as asthma, and even healthy adults who are very active outdoors.

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