We Aren’t Saying Goodbye To Facebook, Just Choosing to Put Our Content Elsewhere

This article was published on: 05/20/19 11:37 PM by Mike Minarsky

It’s been a long time coming but SNSN RADIO is going to utilize it’s web site as the primary delivery vehicle in lieu of posting on Facebook.  Here’s why…


With Facebook’s algorithms “Pages” and “Groups” are less likely to “reach” your news feed with timely, useful information.  There have been many times in the last month alone that residents in our area are asking about information they would like to know about, when essentially we posted it either the day before already or in some instances, the very same day.   I know that I get into a “mode” where I simply just scroll through my news feed on Facebook and if I don’t see it, then it didn’t happen where that is exactly the opposite.


We had run a story on Jewett City getting a replacement Trooper for TFC Russell Cote who is moving on from the borough to Troop D Danielson’s Major Crime Squad.  We fielded some comments that were less than flattering on social media asking about the new Trooper, and even that we were punishing people for not listing it on Facebook.  First off, there is limited information on our new borough Resident State Trooper.  Second of all, SNSN is NOT a Facebook page.  We are a media outlet and Internet Radio Station.  Matter of fact, here’s an excerpt from our interview with Trooper Cote from May 14, 2019…


Trooper Cote Stops in to Say Goodbye


Information is out there.  The information that you want from your town is out there, but if you are waiting for it to show up in your news feed from Facebook, you will be disappointed.


Please bookmark our site, download our free app from ITUNES and Google Play.  You can still visit our Facebook pages and groups for cues to check the website, and please continue posting your community events as well.  We want you to be informed, we don’t want to influence you, but you can be guaranteed that the information we deliver is factual, and you choose what you want to do with that information.  Check the page, we will try to continue to provide content to keep you, the Eastern Ct resident, informed.  That has been our goal for the almost 5 years we have been here, and we appreciate all of the trust that you have given us in that time… and we will continue to earn your trust.


(The Russians did not influence this blog whatsoever)







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