Voluntown Voters Vote No to Knocking Down Building and Library Improvements

This article was published on: 08/30/17 6:15 PM by Mike Minarsky

Voluntown residents were invited to vote at a referendum on Tuesday.  Two questions were on the referendum, the first being if the town of Voluntown should appropriate $39,000 for the demolition and removal of the building known as the “Methodist Meeting House” on Church St.  The vote was very close with 238 voting NO and 212 voting YES.  The second question was asking the voters if they should appropriate $2,720,218 for additions and improvements to the Voluntown Public Library, and to authorize the issue of bonds and notes in the same amount in order to finance.  Overwhelmingly, Voters turned away this option while voting NO by a 360-92 margin.

Resident Troy Jones said via the “Dwelling in Voluntown” social media page on Facebook, ” If these options had been put to the town 3 to 5 years ago when the push began I have high belief that the library expansion would have moved forward and the church would have been renovated or moved. The town leadership has been ignoring both these issues for years.”  While another resident, Renee Bisbee, also within the same social media group said “I find it extremely sad that only 450 people could be bothered to vote.”



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