USCGA Cadet and Griswold Resident Adam Davis Gives Back to his Community

This article was published on: 12/12/16 5:12 AM by Mike Minarsky

It’s always talked about giving back to your town, your community. I think that people will say it, and actually mean to volunteer, but never really get a chance to do so.  Time is a factor for one, and sometimes, maybe you don’t actually know where to turn.  There are many places that you can volunteer in your community.  The Griswold Senior Center is one.  Griswold Youth and Family Services will find something for you to do with all of their activities they have going on, and of course there’s the Griswold Educational Campus.  That’s exactly what Adam Davis did.

Davis, a junior at the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London wanted to do just that, give back.  According to Davis, it’s required of every cadet to complete at least 8 hours of community service per semester.  Davis, a member of the USCGA football team says that himself and his teammates are pretty consumed due to school work and football.  Davis then had the idea of doing a team-wide community service event at the Griswold Campus back in 2014.  Davis says it enabled him and the team to give back to the community, especially for Davis because he is quite grateful for what the community gave to him.  It gave them a vehicle to achieve their required hours of service.

The initial event has grown into something larger since the Cadets now do a “clean up” of the Griswold School Campus in both the fall and the spring semesters.  In 2014 they had 20 cadets.  It grew in 2015 to 25 cadets and this past event, 40 cadets came to work along with Davis to move soccer goals, prepared the tennis courts for winter, Prepared the bonfire prior to the Plainfield football game, as well as raking up all the leaves on campus.

Davis coordinated the events along with his mother, Wendy Davis who works in the school system as a 3rd grade teacher.  She worked as a liaison between him and the Superintendent, according to Davis.

Although the USCGA football team only went 3-7 this year, this didn’t stop Adam Davis and his team getting together and performing some community service.  Davis stated “I’m just happy to give back to the community that gave to me, that’s why I like setting it up and doing the event every semester.  I plan on doing this every semester until I graduate in a year in a half.”

Adam… Thank you for your service with the Coast Guard, and thank you for your community service as well!!

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