Unseasonable Temperatures Affecting Holiday Spending

This article was published on: 12/22/15 6:13 PM by Curt

Holiday shoppers are opting to enjoy the unseasonable weather we have been having lately rather than spending time in the warm malls and stores. Shoppers are much more comfortable finding their gifts online because some dread the thought of being stuck in the stores with such beautiful weather on the outside. Many stores which depend on holiday shopping to account for up to 40 percent of their annual revenues are feeling the pinch as well. Winter apparel shopping which normally is a big seller, isn’t selling. In New York, sales of women’s boots are already down almost 25 percent. Stores are already planning on offering deep discounts on these items after the holidays in hopes of bringing shoppers in. The warm weather has definetly contributed to shoppers’ state of mind, and some only began their complete shopping this past weekend. With many stores seeing shoppers wearing short sleeve shirts, shorts and capris, the winter apparel is remaining untouched. The weather forecast for Griswold on Christmas Day? 62 balmy degrees.

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