UConn College Dems vs. Ben Shapiro – Tonight at 7:00pm; ANTIFA Won’t Protest

This article was published on: 01/24/18 10:42 PM by Mike Minarsky

(Storrs, Ct) – Conservative news personality, Ben Shapiro, is speaking at UConn tonight.  The planned topic of his speech is “White Privilege, Microaggressions, & Other Leftist Myths”.  The speech is being organized by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), a conservative outreach group, and is part of their Fred Allen Lecture Series.  Shapiro has been invited to speak by UConn’s College Republicans, and there has been a good amount of controversy in the lead-up to this evening’s event.

According to YAF’s spokesman, Spencer Brown, in a public statement issued on January 22 on the YAF website, “As a result of a ‘review’, UConn administrators decided that the January 24 lecture with Ben Shapiro… would be open to students and faculty, but closed to the public.  The only non-UConn students allowed in would be those who were on a pre-registered list, thereby limiting the number of students and interested citizens from the public who would be able to attend Shapiro’s lecture at UConn, a public, taxpayer-funded institution.”

Brown continued, “Student safety may seem a noble cause for UConn to cherish, but why isn’t the same level of restraint imposed on speaking events by prominent leftists?  Just last week, Anita Hill spoke on campus at UConn in an event advertised as ‘free and open to the public’, with ‘no tickets required for entry.”

Two days prior to Brown’s statement being issued, the UConn College Democrats posted a counter-event to their Facebook page.  Their announcement states, “The UConn College Democrats are pleased to host Nathan Robinson this Wednesday, January 24th at 7:00 in the Dodd Center. His talk will be named, “Ben Shapiro Is Not As Insightful As he Thinks He Is.” The talk will be followed by a Q&A.

Shapiro took note on Twitter, stating, “Glad somebody else is making money by talking about me. I’m the ultimate college speaking stimulus package.”  He then added a second tweet, “Also, not sure how insightful I think I am. I mostly think I say things that should be rather obvious to sentient humans.”

Then, just to keep things interesting, UConn’s campus newspaper, The Daily Campus, published a letter to the editor today from ANTIFA.  The group statement denounces Shapiro, but states that ANTIFA is not planning to flood Shapiro’s audience with protesters.  They state in part, “The UConn branch of the Campus Antifascist Network unequivocally condemns the politics of Ben Shapiro, who is scheduled to speak at UConn on January 24th. However…we have decided to protest Shapiro’s message in other forums…So, rather than getting people out to fill the auditorium, we decided at our general meeting last Friday to support students pushing for alternative programming to counter his toxic politics”.

The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) website will be live streaming Ben Shapiro’s speech at 7:00pm tonight.



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