Two CT Troopers Arrested for Kidnapping and Assault

This article was published on: 02/28/17 6:59 PM by Mike Minarsky

downloadWhile off-duty on February 18th, two troopers, Xavier Cruz and Rupert Laird, beat a man up in Wethersfield causing injuries that needed medical attention. They have been charged with first-degree kidnapping with a firearm, second-degree assault with a firearm, and deprivation of rights by force or threat

State Police have put Cruz and Laird on suspension from Troop K and Troop C, respectively. Both had a $750,000 bail which Cruz posted, but Laird remains in custody. State Police released the following statement:

“The Connecticut State Police is committed to serving all of Connecticut’s residents while embodying our core values of professionalism, respect, and integrity.  We hold accountable all members of the agency, emphasizing their obligation to uphold these values and our standard of conduct, whether on-duty or off-duty.

Immediately upon learning of the egregious conduct of two off-duty state troopers, Tpr. Rupert Laird, Troop C-Tolland, and Tpr. Xavier Cruz, Troop K-Colchester, the Connecticut State Police suspended their police powers, confiscated their weapons, badges and patrol vehicles, and opened its own administrative inquiry. Both troopers are suspended pending the outcome of the proceedings.

The Wethersfield Police Department is the lead investigate body.  Any requests for information on the progress of this case should be addressed to the New Britain State’s Attorney’s Office.”

The following has been unconfirmed but according to hearsay, the officers witnessed this man slap one of their girlfriends on the butt in a bar and they proceeded to place him in the trunk of one of their cars, bring him to an undisclosed location, tie him to a chair/crate/something he sat on and they beat him up. Then it has been said that they left him there to make his own way to the closest hospital. Again, not confirmed, just hearsay.

Source: CSP Statement 2/28/17, Channel 8 News 2/28/17

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