Trooper First Class Stephen Pickett is a recipient of the Community Policing Award**

This article was published on: 10/9/16 1:17 AM by Mike Minarsky


“The Connecticut State Police is not your ordinary state police force in that there are approximately 68 towns throughout the state which have no organized municipal law enforcement agency to provide police services; as a result, Connecticut State Troopers are responsible for providing all police services in these jurisdictions. One such jurisdiction is the Town of Killingly which has approximately 16,400 residents and is approximately 358 square miles in size.

Trooper First Class Stephen Pickett is the Killingly Resident State Trooper and has held that position since January of 1997. As a Resident Trooper, the equivalent of a Community Policing Officer, TFC Pickett is heavily vested in the quality of life for all Killingly Residents, has established a respectful rapport with all residents to include habitual criminal offenders, has immersed himself in the day to day happenings from the seemingly inconsequential to the significant, all while fostering a strong relationship with town officials, business owners and the community at large.

TFC Pickett is an individual who carries himself as a consummate professional, day in and day out, routinely outperforming his/her peers and quietly/humbly leading by example, ultimately having an indelibly positive impact on the community he serves. Throughout his almost 22-year tenure assigned to serve the Killingly Community, he has responded to almost 25,000 calls for service and investigated approximately 1800 criminal incidents. And today, just like his first day in uniform on January 23, 1992, he is proactive, enthusiastic, energetic, tenacious, “spit and polished,” physically fit and a role-model which all law enforcement officers should strive to emulate.”

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