This article was published on: 04/25/16 4:57 PM by Mike Minarsky

YesWilliamsterday at approximately 4pm, a Trooper from Troop C observed a blue BMW driving erratically and speeding as well as changing lanes without signalling. Upon stopping the vehicle , Troopers observed several indicators of criminal activity and neither of the occupants had photo ID. Troopers then requested consent to search the vehicle and was granted by the occupants. The search resulted in finding several counterfeit or cloned credit cards as well as several fake identifications. Further investigating, the Troopers learned that the vehicle had been purchased a week prior in New Jersey by an individual who was not in the car, who happens to reside in Virginia. The Troopers then suspected that the vehicle was purchased fraudulently and that the individual on the purchase contract was a victim of identity theft. The driver, Markia Williams of Manhattan was arrested for credit card theft, credit counterfeiting, ID Theft, Forgery, and others. The passenger was released on scene however is under investigation for his involvement in this case. All items were seized as evidence and transported to Troop C. Williams2

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