Town Hall Meeting Gets Overwhelming Approval, 72-1, For Senior Center Grant Match Referendum (COMPLETE WITH AUDIO)

This article was published on: 11/16/16 9:57 PM by Mike Minarsky


On Tuesday night, there was a Town Hall meeting at Griswold High School where there were 3 questions that were to be voted on by a show of hands. Question #3 on the agenda was to find out if a referendum was going to happen on November 29th of this month to vote on whether or not the Town of Griswold will appropriate $114,500 to match a grant that has been earmarked for the building of a new Senior Center here in Griswold. In 2011, The State Bonding Commission had approved $343,000 for this project as long as the town matched 1/3 which would be the $114,500 that would be given from the Town’s General Fund. Senior Center Director, Tina Faulk, gave a brief verbal presentation on the need of a new center for… (click on play button below)

Moderator, Ed Berdick opened up the floor after a motion for discussion was brought forth and then seconded by resident Jim Barnie. Many thoughts were shared regarding the amount of money that was being sought, where the new center was going to be built, why is the current center no longer adequate as well as Former Griswold First Selectman, Phil Anthony speaking to Tina Faulk’s point that the current center is approximately 4,000 square feet, Anthony stated that he thinks it’s more like 3,000 square feet to pay tribute with what Faulk and her staff actually accomplish in the current space. There was also some quesiton as far as what was actually being voted on Tuesday night which was clarified by Faulk that Tuesday’s vote was to send this issue to a referendum and not to actually appropriate the funds. The referendum had been set on the date mentioned above in case there was a positive vote tonight. Regarding the funds and the grant, First Selectman Kevin Skulczyck had these remarks on the issue… (click play)

One Griswold resident brought up the fact that the Griswold school system don’t offer language teachers due to lack of funding. Senior Center member, Judy Merrill made this statement…

The vote was 72-1 in favor of sending this item to a referendum. A mentioned in the audio comments above, if the town votes against this item to not appropriate the fund match of 1/3 of the original grant ($144,500) the town will lose the grant altogether. Again, the referendum date is November 29th, 2016.

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