Todd Stuyniski 1965-2019

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Todd Stuyniski passed away on July 25th, 2019, at his home in Plainfield at the age of 53, he was born on November 5, 1965.

Todd was a big part of Wolverine Radio and its growth when he began sitting in on the morning show every day of the week. Todd began with Wolverine Radio in the days where we were “throwing a studio together” in the back office of what is the Jewett City Savings Bank Studios.

Todd put a lot of effort into the show, probably more than anyone with comedy skits and characters that he voiced himself live on air, most of it being ad lib. Some of his creations were “Fluffy the Bunny” who happened to be an effeminate rabbit who loved interior decorating around Easter, and a direct report to the Easter Bunny himself. On numerous occasions, he would ask Paul Lach, also from the morning show to call him in a sultry soft toned voice. Todd also put together a recurring “television cop show” on the station, mainly making fun of then Borough of Jewett City Warden, Alan Geer. It was simply called, “The Warden.” During this series Todd introduced many different notables from the community as criminals, being it in all good fun. One character he utilized a lot was Director of youth and family services, Ryan Aubin, calling him “Mr. Parks.” No one was safe from Todd’s creativity and shenanigans with him talking about the dastardly “Reverend River” who was a spin off of Pastor Joshua George from Quinebaug River Church. All of it was in good taste and good fun, and Todd was a master of creativity. I often told Todd that he was “as good or better” than any other morning guy in the business. He was that funny, quick, and intelligent.

Todd was dedicated to the radio station. Either I or Mr. Jewett City would pick him up or he would ride his trusty bike into town for some exercise and show up, mostly him getting here before the rest of the team.

Todd also gave his time to other organizations as well, such as being the pacer in the front making sure that there were no issues and for assistance if anyone got hurt, Todd was there, for the first 2 Buttonwood Farms Sunflower 6K road races.

Just 3 weeks before Todd’s passing, it was being discussed that he come back on air with us now as SNSN Radio, with some sort of a reunion show. I told him that I was all for it if he was and to contact me. It didn’t get any further than that.

We were just a tiny part of his world. Todd leaves behind 3 children, ages 19, 18, and 15, his parents, and a brother, and all of us here could see how much he loved his children whenever he mentioned their names. Todd is a graduate of Plainfield High School with many that called him a friend. Todd was a rock star playing in many bands over the years, even performing at Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den.

All of us, and I know I speak for all of us here at SNSN Radio/Wolverine Media… Lisa, Paul, Ed, Jim, Leighton, Sas, Anderson, Terry, Mr. JC, and others that got a chance to sit beside him on a show, we will miss him and we were hoping for “one more time” as he put it at the “Great Griswold Get Together” in Veterans Memorial Park a little more than a month ago.

Rest In Peace, Todd Stuyniski.









Here are some items Todd put together on our station…

The Warden – Don’t Fear the Preacher

The Warden – Double Your Pleasure Double Your Guns

The Warden – Give me an “M” …. FOR MURDER!

Todd as “Fluffy The Bunny”

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