TJ Sumner Memorial Bike Night Great Fun for Residents, Great Success for Main St Business

This article was published on: 09/2/16 8:51 PM by Mike Minarsky



The 1st Annual Bike Night in Griswold was a huge success for not just the residents in town that attended but organizations and business on Main St. Ryan Aubin, Director of Youth and Family Services in Griswold said right off the bat that there will be another event next year and already has ideas for some changes but isn’t ready to talk about them yet. There was a $5 entry cost for bikes to be let on Main St. There were State Police and the Young Marines at the entrance gates to collect the fees from the cyclists. Aubin stated that all the money that was raised through entrance fees was divided between the Youth Center and The Young Marines. Each organization received approximately $800. There were also additional funds received from vendors that were in attendance as well, which also saw a profit. Those funds, approximately $500 will go towards Bike Night 2017. Jack Giuliano, owner of Giuliano’s Bakery, told Wolverine Radio that he thought that the event was “very good for business.” Giuliano went on to say that it “Gives people a view of what’s to come here in Griswold.” He said that Niantic started out the same way about 25 years ago. “Sidewalks were broken, there were empty stores. It’s little things like bike night. It’s the beginning of something wonderful.”  Becky Rubino of “Uncle Kranky’s Cafe” was thankful to be included in the event and wanted to thank all her customers that visited as well as their patience due to the high customer volume.” The event was to memorialize and pay tribute to Terry Sumner Jr. or “TJ” who passed away unexpectedly in 2015. TJ’s brother, Brian Sumner said “My father and Carolyn were presented a rivet that is on the remembrance wall at the Harley Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee, And on the rivet it says TJ “Sumnuts” Sumner always remembered. Terry Sumner Sr. added “My wife Carolyn, myself, my daughters Laura Crews, Rachel Lenda and my son Brian Sumner” thought TJ’s bike night was over-the-top! We live in a great little town and we are so appreciative that the rec commission decided to name the bike night in our son’s name. We are continually amazed at the constant outpouring of love and support from so many friends that we have in this area. There just is no way to thank everyone enough! Everyone involved in this event last night did an outstanding job of organizing and running the event. We can’t wait for next year when it will be even bigger!” Bike Night 2017 is already being thought of with new ideas and bigger plans. In speaking with Ryan Aubin, the night seemed to go over without a hitch or a glitch. There was a threat of rain. It stopped and the skies cleared. There were insects flying fast and furious on main st to the point that it looked like the 4th seal of the apocalypse had been opened. They eventually went away, and most people were not deterred by them and stayed. Tj’s sister, Rachel Lenda sang with Red Light and gave them a new dimension that was very entertaining. Someone tell Rob Brannon to add her the group… permanently! Then when Red Light played “Chicken Fried,” you could almost feel TJ smiling down on his event, while practicing his dance moves that endeared him to so many people.

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