TFC Russell Cote Returns To The Borough as Jewett City Resident State Trooper

This article was published on: 11/3/17 4:38 PM by Mike Minarsky


There’s a new Resident Connecticut State Trooper in Jewett City, well, sort of.

Trooper First Class Russell Cote is back as Jewett City Resident State Trooper, replacing TFC Adam Chittick who has been re-assigned to Troop D Danielson.

Earlier this year, the Borough of Jewett City voted to eliminate one resident State Trooper and scale back to one due to cost with Borough budgetary concerns.  Trooper Cote patrolled the borough for a full year but the position was eliminated during a Borough meeting and vote.  At that point, Trooper Cote was re-assigned within Troop E Montville.  Ironically, Trooper Cote was back in the Borough just a week after providing enforcement on Ashland Street when a pick-up truck slammed into a telephone pole on Slater Ave that snapped the pole in half.

This morning, November 3, 2017, Trooper Cote was coming out of a Juvenile Review Board meeting at Town Hall and stated that the position change was effective this past week.

Trooper Cote was honored at a Borough meeting at the beginning of August of this year for his service to the borough.  Borough Warden, Alan Geer presented a plaque to TFC Cote for his service to the borough.  Jokingly, Cote remarked while leaving Town Hall this morning, “I’m not giving the plaque back.”

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