Suspected Bank Robber Pleads Not Guilty

This article was published on: 02/3/16 12:01 AM by Curt


Jason Loyd, 39, of Rhode Island, was extradited to Connecticut on Tuesday, and was arraigned in Danielson Superior Court on charges of second-degree robbery and second-degree larceny. According to the arrest warrant, Loyd walked into the Dayville Branch of Jewett City Savings Bank on Friday and demanded tellers give him all the $50 and $100 bills in their drawers.He thanked the tellers after they surrendered $4,150 and told them to have a nice day as he walked out of the bank.

Loyd was apprehended less than two hours later in Scituate, R.I., thanks to witness descriptions at the bank, who were able to identify the type of car being driven, as well as the license number of the vehicle. He had $3,700 in his pocket at the time of his arrest, and admitted to police that he committed the robbery.

Loyd told police after his arrest that his reason for holding up the bank was to satisfy debts, and support his heroin habit of between 1/2 and a full gram of heroin daily.

Loyd is also suspected of the Jan. 15 robbery of the Citizens Bank at 16 Railroad Ave. in Plainfield, according to police, but has not been charged in that crime.

Loyd, who is being held in prison on $150,000 bail, pled not guilty to the charges and is scheduled to return to court on March 2.


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