Sunflower 6K Road Race Leads The Way With Their Success

This article was published on: 08/9/19 7:34 PM by Mike Minarsky

One of the biggest events in Griswold, if not THE biggest has been the Buttonwoods Farm Sunflower 6K Road Race which has virtually doubled in size since it’s inception in 2017 when it became a “thing” after a bunch of friends threw out the idea of doing a race during a weekend bon fire. Never count out good Bon Fire ideas because this one was hot. Melissa Wooten teamed up with Jay and Laura Rainier to throw wood on the fire to keep the fire ablaze. See what I did there?

And they did with successful races in 2017, 2018, and now 2019. The group ended up partnering with the Button family which of course known for their legendary ice cream shop, simply called “Buttonwoods.” Wooten described the Button Family as “so generous” with their resources. 566 runners came out for the first race. Over 800 runners for the 2nd with every runner getting a medal for finishing the race which is a very unique touch. Wooten states that some of the shorter races don’t give medals. Cross the finish line and you get a medal. 2019? 948 registered runners with 829 actually crossing the finish line. Representatives from 16 states, and let’s not forget Alberto who flew in from Spain to run the Sunflower 6K.

Sure, we keep saying the event was successful, but how successful was it? Numbers don’t lie. This year, there were 3 organizations that were going to receive benefits from the 6K. Make-A-Wish, Kitty Harbor, and Griswold Middle School Soccer. GMS Soccer was given $1500, Kitty Harbor will benefit from a $6717 donation, and Make-A-Wish gets a cool $8217. The Sunflower 6K has donated $37,000 in 3 events. $16,434 in donations this year alone. Is that successful? I would think so.

The 2020 race is already in the planning stages with it being the first Sunday in August, 8/2/20. Someone let Alberto from Spain I’m challenging him in 2020.

Photo: Sunflower 6K Facebook Page

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