“Stuff-A-Cruiser” Success!

This article was published on: 12/20/16 12:44 AM by Mike Minarsky

stuffacruiserOn Sunday, December 18, 2016, our Resident State Troopers held a toy drive in front of Target in Lisbon Landings. Trooper Adam Chittick and Trooper Russell Cote stood outside in front of Target until 2 p.m. with shopping carts asking for donations of toys for the Youth Center. Each year during this holiday season, the director of the Youth Center, Ryan Aubin, teams up with Griswold Public School’s social workers, JCFD, the resident troopers, along with many local organizations and groups to help out families in Jewett City and Griswold (ages 12 & under) in need during the annual Holiday Helpers Christmas Gift Program. Starting in November, the ability to adopt a single child or a family began and the donors began pouring in. The Stuff-A-Cruiser event yesterday yielded EIGHT cruisers full of toys for the program. So far, 90 families (300 children!) are being served. There has been over 100 donors and over 600 presents donated… along with $2600! Follow the Griswold Community Youth & Rec Center facebook page for updates on this amazing event.


Sources: Ryan Aubin, Director of the Youth Center

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