Statewide Work Zone Safety Enforcement Activity Focuses On Reducing Violations

This article was published on: 07/11/19 6:20 PM by Mike Minarsky

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) in partnership with the Connecticut State Police, Connecticut State Police Union and the Connecticut Construction Industries Association is announcing an initiative for work zone safety enforcement across the state through the 2019 construction season. This initiative is a highway safety enforcement program that uses the State Police to make traffic compliance checks in and around active construction work zones. Their active presence will enhance protection of roadway workers, motorists, and deter irresponsible motorist behavior.

The program is championed by the DOT using the State Police on the state’s limited access highways. The enforcement activity will occur throughout the year on specific projects through November. The safety of all construction workers is of primary concern, especially when they are exposed to high speed traffic in our work zones. There is little room between them and vehicles that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and are traveling at speeds at or above the legal speed limit. The Connecticut Department of Transportation will continue efforts to engineer and use better traffic control devices to protect the roadway workers, motorists, and to provide proper guidance through the work zones that are easily understood by the traveling public. The overarching goal for enforcement activities is to raise awareness for work zone safety and to ensure that motorists obey the motor vehicle laws of the State of Connecticut.

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