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Middletown, CT. (May 23, 2018): Connecticut State Troopers are preparing for increased traffic during this Memorial Day weekend, and summer 2018 celebrations and vacations.

 State Troopers ask all drivers to utilize courteous driving skills, plan for traffic delays and make safety their top priority whenever they get behind the wheel. These actions will ensure safe travel to and from destinations.

Some safety tips – and laws – to remember: buckle up, obey speed limits, don’t follow too close, remove distractions while driving, stay off the cellphone, and never drink and drive.


State Troopers will use laser units for speed enforcement, as well as marked, and unmarked, non-traditional police vehicles to patrol our highways and roadways.  


Good driving skills and patience are essential to avoiding tragedies on Connecticut’s highways. The enforcement efforts of our Troopers – along with drivers who follow state law – are vital to maintaining danger-free roads for drivers and passengers.

As part of its efforts, the Connecticut State Police will participate in the National C.A.R.E. (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) program over this Memorial Day Weekend. The goal of this operation is to join state police agencies across the country to enhance safety in all states. Motorists are reminded to expect heavy traffic, exercise caution and allow extra time to reach their destination.


The Operation C.A.R.E. holiday weekend will begin on Friday, May 25, 2018, and will continue through Monday, May 28, 2018.  Connecticut State Troopers are joining all state police agencies across the country, concentrating on enforcement of DUI and safety belt laws during the entire holiday weekend.


Troopers will also enforce all hazardous moving violations, seatbelt use and illegal cell phone use. Sobriety checkpoints will be set up at several locations throughout the state over the holiday weekend. (see attached list)


Again, troopers ask all motorists to obey all traffic laws, pay attention to your speed, and if you plan to consume alcohol please designate a driver. If you see a suspected drunk driver report it immediately by calling 911, as this is a true emergency.

As a reminder, please remember, and obey, the Move Over Law when traveling this weekend, throughout the summer, and always. The Move Over Law requires “any operator of a motor vehicle on a highway when approaching emergency vehicle/s that are stationary OR traveling significantly below the posted speed limit AND non-emergency vehicle/s that are stationary and located on the shoulder, lane or breakdown lane of such highway shall (1) immediately reduce speed to a reasonable level below the posted speed limit, and (2) if traveling in the lane adjacent to the shoulder, lane or breakdown lane containing such emergency vehicle or non-emergency vehicle, move such motor vehicle over one lane, unless such movement would be unreasonable or unsafe.”

During Memorial Day Weekend 2017, Connecticut State Troopers arrested 31 drunk drivers, charged 719 motorists with speeding, 668 with seat belt violations, and 2658 with Moving Violations. In addition, Troopers investigated 302 motor vehicle crashes, 48 with injury and 2 fatal (resulting in 3 fatalities. 5/26 – double fatality I -91 southbound exit 24 and 5/27 Rte. 5/15 southbound exit 57).

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