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This article was published on: 08/29/19 8:05 PM by Mike Minarsky

Middletown, CT (August 29, 2019):  During the unofficial last weekend of summer, your Connecticut State Troopers remind you that tens of thousands of drivers will be taking to the highways and roadways across the state.

The Connecticut State Police is preparing for Labor Day weekend traffic as residents travel to the beach, to cookouts and to parties. The number of vehicles on the road will increase accordingly since many will be soaking up the last warm days of summer.

Starting at 12 midnight on Friday, August 30, 2019, and continuing through 11:59 p.m. on Monday, September 2, 2019, extra Troopers will be on patrol ensuring safe driving so that accidents will be prevented. Please see attached list.

The priority of all operators should be arrival at their destination in a safe manner. Give yourself plenty of time to drive, plan for traffic delays and proceed with caution. Obeying the rules of the road is everyone’s responsibility,” noted Colonel Stavros Mellekas, commanding officer of the Connecticut State Police.

A few more reminders:

If you plan to consume alcohol then please designate a driver so that this long holiday weekend does not turn into a tragedy. Drinking and driving is a deadly combination. If you are on the road and suspect a drunk driver, please call 911, as this is a true emergency.

  • Please remember to always obey the Move Over Law, which requires “Any operator of a motor vehicle on a highway when approaching one or more emergency vehicles that are stationary or traveling significantly below the posted speed limit and located on the shoulder, lane or breakdown lane of such highway shall (1) immediately reduce speed to a reasonable level below the posted speed limit, and (2) if traveling in the lane adjacent to the shoulder, lane or breakdown lane containing such emergency vehicle, move such motor vehicle over one lane, unless such movement would be unreasonable or unsafe.”

As always, Troopers will consistently work toward preventing accidents on Connecticut’s roads and highways. They remind drivers that obeying the rules of the road is everyone’s responsibility:  buckle up, adhere to the speed limit, put down cell phones, and please concentrate on the primary job when behind the wheel – driving.

During the Labor Day 2018 weekend, Connecticut State Troopers issued 1,314 tickets for speeding, 2,474 tickets for hazardous moving violations (to include: unsafe lane change, following too closely, cellphone use, texting, etc.), 47 tickets for seatbelt violations and made 24 arrests for driving under the influence. Troopers also investigated 281 motor vehicle crashes, 63 with injury, and no fatalities.

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