State Layoffs Continue

This article was published on: 05/25/16 9:08 PM by Curt

The latest department to feel the effects of the state’s budget crisis is the Department of Education. 13 employees received layoff notices in an effort to reduce the state‚Äôs red ink.

The affected employees are all within the vocational-technical school system:

3 staff members each from A.I. Prince Technical High School, Eli Whitney Technical High School and Vinal Technical High School

2 staff members each from Platt Technical High School and Windham Technical High School

Once the current group of students complete their coursework, the following programs are terminated as of June 13, 2016; Medical Assistant at Platt Technical High School, Dental Assistant at Prince and Windham Technical High Schools, Certified Nursing Assistant at Whitney Technical High School, and Surgical Technologist at Prince and Whitney Technical High Schools.

Officials say adult students in secondary schools will no longer have access to student financial aid and will no longer be able to pay tuition next academic year.

The total number of employees who have received layoff notices throughout the state now totals 993, spread out among 12 departments.

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