State Layoff Totals Mounting

This article was published on: 04/27/16 10:23 PM by Curt

Pink-Slip-Layoff The current amount of layoff notices given to Connecticut state workers continues to grow by the day. 28 employees from the Department of Corrections and eight from the Department of Mental Health were given layoff notices yesterday. Just after 4:00, fourteen employees at the Department of Children and Families received notices, to bring the total number of state layoffs to almost 700 workers.

The layoffs to date include:

Department of Children and Families: 127 Department of Economic and Community Development: 4 Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services: 76 Department of Correction: 186 Department of Social Services: 78 UConn Health Center: 89 Connecticut Judicial Branch: 126

The state has announced that additional workforce reductions will occur over time, and the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management will continue to notify the public as future layoff notices go out.

Laid off employees are immediately relieved of their duties at the close of business on the day their employment ends, but will be paid their salary and maintain all their State-provided benefits throughout the contractual notice period.

Governor Malloy has stated that his proposed budget to cover the almost $1 Billion deficit Connecticut faces will not include any tax increases, but will include reductions in services and programs offered.

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