Somers and Skulczyck Answer Questions in Latest Town Hall Q&A Style Meeting in Griswold

This article was published on: 01/23/18 4:26 AM by Mike Minarsky

Griswold – CT State Senator, Heather Somers (R-18), and CT State General Assembly Representative, Kevin Skulczyck (R-45) co-hosted a Town Hall meeting earlier this evening.  Members of the public offered their questions and concerns on a variety of topics, including the recent hits to the town’s education budget.  Rep. Skulczyck gave a brief re-cap regarding the cuts in Educational Cost Sharing that many towns suffered in late Fall, 2017.  Both Sen. Somers and Rep. Skulczyck discussed their proposed remedies, with Sen. Somers explaining that she had proposed a “simple bill” that did not make it out of committee, but that would have saved $15 million at UCONN alone, and approximately $50 million across colleges and universities state-wide.  That savings could then potentially have been added back to the ECS program.

The issue of the State Bonding Commission was also raised.  Both Somers and Skulczyck agreed that having the Governor serve as Chairman of the Commission presented challenges.  Sen. Somers added that in her opinion, members of the Bonding Commission should be required to have a background in Finance and “know how to read a balance sheet”.  The issue of DOT bonds also came up, to which Rep. Skulczyck stated that he had sponsored a bill for a bonding cap for the DOT.

The State’s problem with unfunded pension liability came up as well.  Rep. Skulczyck stated that he is engaged with the Yankee Institute and has been working with a retired Utah Senator about ideas for what he termed a “buy-out” system as one piece of a proposed solution.

Members of the public also inquired about the State’s proposed gun range for the town.  Both Sen. Somers and Rep. Skulczyck explained that details are forthcoming, but that members of the public should be able to offer comment, possibly in the form of a public hearing about this matter.  Rep. Skulczyck suggested that concerned citizens should contact Senator Tim Larson, either by phone and/or email.  His contact information may be found on his website:

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