So Far So Good, Fall Sports Still a “GO” For 2020, However Still Many Gray Areas Including If Cheer Teams Can Participate

This article was published on: 08/12/20 9:42 PM by Mike Minarsky

CHESHIRE, Conn. – The CIAC Board of Control met at 2PM on Wednesday August 12 as part of its planned review of the official fall sports plan, which was approved on July 30. The Board commends the work of the individual CIAC swimming, volleyball, football, field hockey, cross country, and soccer committees for their work in reviewing feedback from administrators, athletic directors, coaches, officials, and medical advisors. Our collective work remains centered on providing safe opportunities for Connecticut student-athletes that support their cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and mental health. We remain committed to a constant state of evaluation and review on current CT COVID metrics, advice from medical and public health experts, and collaboration with our professional colleagues.

A brief statement from CAS-CIAC Executive Director Glenn Lungarini can be viewed here:

At this time, the Board will continue to move forward with the July 30 plan as outlined. This includes keeping football in the fall and beginning on August 17. In considering any change from the current plan, the Board discussed at length any change in COVID data between approval of the plan and today. Based on the input from medical advisors and the continued positive COVID numbers in CT while sports are being played, the Board believes it is appropriate to move forward with all fall sports, at this time.

As stated from the onset, our plan is fluid, under constant review, and may change at any point, based on new information. We will continue to consult with our education partners, medical experts, and review positions from state leaders and departments. However, the CIAC believes that the approved plan aligns with the educational interests of our member schools and provides the safest athletic experience for Connecticut student-athletes.

Additional points of emphasis from today’s meeting include clarification that the CIAC position on fan/spectator attendance is that fans should not be allowed at interscholastic contests or practices. We understand the complexities of individual districts who use public fields and that the ultimate decision rests with the district, however, the CIAC believes that prohibiting fan/spectator attendance aligns best with the goals of education-based athletics.

Also, the CIAC Board of Control would like to clarify that the decision on eligibility of students who choose a full distance model of learning will made at the district level, provided the student is otherwise eligible.

One sport that has yet to receive any clarification as of yet is Cheerleading.  It is still unclear at this time at what Cheer will look like in 2020.  Although teams may start to practice for the upcoming football season, there will be no fans in attendance at any of the games which is a decision that was made at the ECC Conference level.  Also, no stunting is yet allowed within Cheer.  We did try to contact the CIAC for clarification on what Cheer teams were allowed to do, but they hadn’t returned correspondence as of this writing.

Although fall sports is still a go for Connecticut, there is always the possibility that it can change.  Please check back to SNSN Radio Online News or listen on our free app for updates.


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