Snow Removal From The Sidewalks

This article was published on: 01/3/16 6:20 PM by Curt

With snowfall certain at some time in the immediate future, residents of the Borough of Jewett City and the Town of Griswold need to be aware of their responsibilities when it comes to the snow removal from the sidewalks at their homes.

Generally all walks must be clear of snow within 24 hours after a storm, but in certain cases, snow removal may need to be performed within 4 hours after the snow has ended.

If any sidewalk in the Borough of Jewett City or the Town of Griswold remains encumbered with snow, ice or sleet for four hours after the owner or person having the charge or care of the lot or building bordering on such sidewalk and legally liable to clear the same has been notified by the First Selectman or a police officer to remove the same, the First Selectman shall cause the same to be cleared or sanded, as the case may be, and the Town of Griswold shall collect the expense thereof from such owner or other persons. If you are a renter of your home, unless it is specifically written in your lease agreement, that the landlord, or owner of the property is responsible for snow removal, you are responsible for clearing the snow from your walkways. In the event of a snow emergency where on street parking is restricted or suspended, parking is allowed for the duration of the snow emergency at the parking lot between the skate park and the ball field. If you are unsure if a parking area is restricted or is private property, please consult the homeowner before parking in this area. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to removal and towing at the vehicle owners expense.

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