Shared Facebook Post Helps to Save a Life

This article was published on: 05/8/16 2:12 PM by Curt

Capture Reese Baker is a seven year old girl who was diagnosed with B-cell Acute lymphoblastic leukemia last October. Having a child with this disease, the family wanted to inform everyone about Reese. Reese’s mom Lisa, took to her Facebook page and shared all of the details of Reese’s diagnosis, as well as the symptoms she was experiencing, which led her to the doctor’s diagnosis.

In a town 15 miles away, Anna Stark, was reading a post shared by one of her Facebook friends. The informative post was from Reese’s mom, and listed all of the symptoms she was experiencing, which ultimately led her to the doctor and the leukemia diagnosis.

Stark read the post with great interest as every one of the symptoms Anna described, her son Fritz was experiencing the same identical symptoms. She immediately took Fritz to get checked for leukemia, only to find out that he had the exact same cancer as Reese.

Fritz, 3, was diagnosed with leukemia in October, but if it wasn’t for a total stranger’s post on social media, he may not be where he is today.

A mother’s gut instinct and a Facebook post led to an early diagnosis for her son.

The two families eventually crossed paths during testing at the hospital, and Reese and Fritz instantly bonded.

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