Rottweiler Owners Appeal Ruling

This article was published on: 02/21/16 5:24 PM by Curt

Two Rottweilers ordered to be put to death by town and state officials for their attack on Lynne Denning, a home health aide worker, at a Plainfield home on December 3, 2014, have not been euthanized as of yet. Owners of the two dogs, Jenna Allen, has filed another appeal in hopes of sparing the dogs lives.

Allen has filed a request with the state Department of Agriculture in order to have arguments reheard on March 10, by Commissioner Steven K. Reviczky. This hearing is an opportunity for Allen to present arguments regarding the final decision by town and state officials.

Despite hours of emotional testimony heard during an October hearing in Hartford, the director of regulations and inspections for the state Department of Agriculture, Bruce Sherman, upheld the town of Plainfield’s disposal order of the Rottweilers.

Lynne Denning, working as a health care aide at Allen’s home, was attacked in December 2014, when two of Allen’s six dogs, attacked her, tearing at her torso and extremities, causing severe and life-threatening injuries which required numerous reconstructive surgeries. As a result of the attacks, Denning will at a minimum, be disfigured and her life will be altered.

The day after the attack, Plainfield police ordered all six of Allen’s dogs to be euthanized as it was impossible to determine which actually carried out the attack, but further investigation could only prove that two of the Rottweilers were responsible.

Reviczky next month will hear oral arguments from Allen’s attorney, from lawyers representing the town and Denning.

Reviczky’s eventual decision may in turn be appealed again to the state Superior Court.

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