Reveal or Conceal?: Plainfield Democratic Town Committee Authored by Shannon Derby

This article was published on: 10/29/17 8:59 PM by Curt

PLAINFIELD, CT  Many have heard of the Plainfield Democratic Town Committee’s (DTC) political shenanigans throughout the years, but now there is visible proof?  Today, October 29, 2017, Vickie Meyer, Republican Endorsed First Selectman candidate has publicly provided a DTC email on social media regarding the DTC’s intended rule breaking at the First Selectman Debate put on by Plainfield taxpayers last week.  Debate Organizer, Melissa Ferman had provided the rules to all the candidates well in advance.


First broken rule by the DTC:  “Please keep campaign materials (signs, flyers, hand-outs, etc.) outside the building.”  Not only did the Cathy Tendrich DTC campaign break the rules, but they asked and encouraged her supporters to break the rules and follow the DTC’s direction to wear “VOTE CATHY” t-shirts and hide them until the debate started.  The attached email from Karla Desjardins, DTC Chair specifically reads: “Please come to show your support and wear your VOTE CATHY t-shirt!  (Please keep your shirt covered up until the debate starts).”  Ms. Desjardins has since come forward with a statement that she did not intentionally break a rule at Thursday’s debate, but rather that she wanted to “have a surprise reveal”.  What do you think is the real reason for the hiding of the t-shirts?  Why not show support out in the open for all attendees to see before the debate began?  You Decide: Surprise Reveal or Surprise Conceal?


Ms. Meyer confronting the DTC shenanigans stated on her campaign Facebook page, “The candidates were specifically told not to bring any materials into the debate and that there would be no audience participation. Here is proof that it’s business as usual for the Democrats in Plainfield. The DTC Chairperson issued this email asking for everyone to wear their Cathy shirts and to hide them till the debate began. Wow!”


Second broken rule by the DTC: “There will be no audience participation.”  Immediately after Cathy Tendrich, Democratic Endorsed candidate finished answering a question, DTC members, who were wearing their “VOTE CATHY” t-shirts began clapping in support of her answer.  Later supporters of other candidates joined in the clapping in support of their candidates as well.


Third broken rule by DTC members: “We will announce that heckling will not be tolerated and individuals may be removed if they cannot adhere to this.”  On the video recording of the debate, current 1st Selectman Paul Sweet can be heard after Dan Reale, Libertarian Endorsed candidate was answering a question.  Specifically, Mr. Sweet is heard saying loudly, “You Lost, You Lost” regarding the Petition for Referendum Lawsuit.  He was then directed by Ms. Ferman that he was on recording and to stop interrupting.  A concerned attendee, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated that she overheard Mr. Sweet’s debate companion making physical threats about Kevin Cunningham, Unaffiliated Write-In Candidate for 1st Selectman.  Regarding this topic, Melissa Ferman wrote on social media today, “Sweet and Frank Zac were on the front row of the debate audience, intimidating audience members and verbally making threatening comments about the candidates within earshot of several witnesses.  However, it WAS beside my devices and the unedited raw video of the debate was captured and posted on the Plainfield (CT) Political Forum group.  It’s two hours of video but feel free to review for your own opinion.”



What do you think about the DTC Rule Breaking Shenanigans in Plainfield?


***Redacted personal emails of DTC Members***


Authored ~ Shannon Lee D


***Shannon Lee D’s opinion is her own and not necessarily that of Wolverine Media, Staff, Management, or Sponsors.***

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