Rep. Skulczyck seeks to allow Sunday hunting on private lands

This article was published on: 03/7/17 7:34 PM by Mike Minarsky

Jake McGuigan, State Director of State Affairs – National Shooting Sports Foundation and State Representative Kevin Skulczyck (R-45) testify in front of the Environment Committee on behalf of HB-5499, a bill that would permit Sunday hunting on private lands.

HARTFORD – At a public hearing of the General Assembly’s Environment Committee, State Representative Kevin Skulczyck (R-45) testified on behalf of legislation to allow Sunday hunting on private land in Connecticut.

The legislation, HB-5499, An Act Authorizing Sunday Hunting on Private Lands, would include non-bow hunters to those who are currently permitted to hunt on Sunday provided they are using private land. The General Assembly approved similar legislation in 2015 which allowed for Sunday bow and arrow hunting on certain private property.

“Last session this committee adopted bow hunting on Sunday and I commend you for your commitment to the environment and our sportsmen and I hope you will also support HB-5499 for the other hunters who aren’t currently included,” Rep. Skulczyck said.

According to the Department of Public Health (DPH), there were 1,885 confirmed cases of Lyme disease in the state as of 2015. With the deer tick being the primary source of Lyme disease, the additional hunting day would work toward managing the deer population in the state.

“In today’s busy world where so many of our residents are working extended hours during the week, it only makes sense to provide those hardworking men and women who enjoy hunting with the opportunity to participate in the sportsman’s lifestyle when their schedule permits,” Rep. Skulczyck said. “This proposal seeks to add Sunday to the list of permitted hunting days for private land.”

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