Remembrance – December 7th is the 6th Anniversary of the Accident that Claimed 4 Griswold Teens

This article was published on: 12/7/16 2:43 PM by Mike Minarsky


On a somber not of remembrance…. today is the 6th anniversary of the automobile accident that claimed the lives of 4 Griswold youths… Dillon Clifford, Steven Sklarz, John Clapper, and Sativa (Sah-tee-Vuh) Cornell… However, Joel Gallup, the 5th passenger in the vehicle survived…The accident happened at 4:30, December 7th 2010 when Clapper, who was driving the car, lost control of the car when it hit 2 trees and due to the excessive speed, upended and smashed into the trees, roof first.

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