Rally At The Capitol May Indeed Prove Fruitful For High School Football in 2020… Maybe

This article was published on: 09/10/20 10:43 AM by Mike Minarsky

Just when you thought it was over, it STILL isn’t over. That, hopefully is a good thing. On Wednesday, over 300 state high school football players, coaches, parents, and families gathered at the the state capitol to protest the Department of Health’s decision to cancel traditional 11 on 11 football for the 2020 fall season.

The protest is getting some traction as Governor Lamont has now said that he is calling for a meeting with the Department of Health as well as the CIAC regarding a way to safely hold sports contests.

Lamont took to twitter on Wednesday saying “We have an obligation to all of our students, faculty, staff, and administrators to keep them safe, and I expect that goal to be the focus of the discussion.” The meeting between all the parties is expected to take place on Friday.

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