QVCC Freshman Protests on Campus on Free Speech After UCONN Incident – Sean Anderson

This article was published on: 12/2/17 2:22 PM by Mike Minarsky

QVCC Student Protests on Campus By: Sean Anderson On November 28th, conservative speaker Lucian Wintrich was invited by UCONN’s College Republican student organization to give a speech entitled “It’s OK to Be White”. He was interrupted by protesters frequently during his speech. A woman from the audience interrupted Mr. Wintrich by grabbing his speech from the podium and then walking away casually. Wintrich became upset, ran after her and dragged her to the ground. Wintrich was arrested and charged with Breech of Peace. We now know the name of the female that grabbed the paper from the podium. Catherine Gregory is the Associate Director of Career Services and Advising at Quinebaug Valley Community College in Danielson, Connecticut. Ms. Gregory has not been charged with any crimes, but she has received a mix of praise and criticism for her actions. Ms. Gregory has also reportedly received death threats as a result of her actions that evening. One student at QVCC did not appreciate what Ms. Gregory had done. Jason Muscara, a freshman, stood at the entrance to the college with a sign that read “Free Speech Is More Important Than Your Feelings – Fire Gregory”. Wolverine radio interviewed Mr. Muscara and asked him why he protested Ms. Gregory’s behavior. Muscara stated, “Her actions were absolutely unacceptable and I feel like she should not be advising QVCC students for their futures any longer. There is a liberal agenda that is getting pushed and it is time that I stand up for not only myself but my fellow conservatives at Q.V. We will not be silent.” When asked if he had ever been advised by Ms. Gregory he responded, “Yes, she helped me pick my classes when I started this semester.” He also claimed that he had a conversation about the ANTIFA handbook that he was reading and said, “She actually seemed excited that I was reading it; she said she was getting it to read online and she was excited to read it. She asked me what my thoughts were on the book so far and then she asked if I was reading it for any classes.” Muscara added, “And then I explained to her that I was just reading it for myself. I explained that if I’m going to disagree with ANTIFA, I at least would like to try to understand them.” Upon inquiring as to whether Mr. Muscara had been approached by either the college administration or civil authorities during the five hours that he was protesting today, Muscara explained that the administration did not try to stop his protest, but that about an hour and a half into it, police approached him and according to Muscara, “They just told me not to impede traffic and then they left.” Wolverine asked Muscara what he would say to Ms. Gregory if she was standing in front of him. He replied “I would tell her that her actions were disgraceful and that as an employee at a college, she should of (sic) acted more appropriately. You can’t disrupt someone’s speech and take their property just because you disagree with them. It is unacceptable and there needs to be repercussions.” When asked to comment about the death threats that Ms. Gregory has reportedly been receiving, Muscara stated that such threats were not appropriate and “I don’t think anybody should be having their life threatened.” And when asked if he was part of any activist groups and if he would protest the issue of Ms. Gregory’s conduct again he responded, “Depending on what happens with her, I am not ruling out further protests. And I am not a part of any activist group, I’m just an American Patriot”, though he did say, “I am trying to start a QVCC Republican’s group for like-minded individuals to come together.” He ended the interview by saying “I refuse to have a liberal agenda shoved down my throat. As an open conservative on a college campus, I feel like I have been discriminated against. I will not be silent. I will not apologize for my beliefs. I am proud of what I believe in, and I’m sticking by it until the end.” Wolverine radio attempted to contact Ms. Catherine Gregory for comment but we have not received a reply as of this writing. Disclaimer: Sean Anderson is currently a student at QVCC and a classmate of Jason Muscara.

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