PRIDE brings youth leadership training to Putnam The PRIDE coalition, in partnership with the Student Leadership Training Program the Putnam and Griswold Public School Systems, is providing leadership training to approximately 100 area youth.

This article was published on: 01/3/17 7:31 PM by Mike Minarsky

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Putnam, January 3, 2017: PRIDE is pleased to announce a continued collaboration between Putnam and Griswold PRIDE coalitions, the Student Leadership Training Program (SLTP), Putnam and Griswold Public Schools. PRIDE will be sponsoring the SLTP to conduct a leadership symposium on January 5th, which will be hosted at the newly renovated Putnam High School. Our continued efforts will provide approximately 100 local youth with training in skills essential to leadership, academic achievement, and workplace success.

The leadership training will incorporate youth from the Putnam and Griswold Middle/ High Schools, and will take place from 8:30am to 1:15 pm on the first Thursday of 2017. It is the hope of the coalitions that the training gets youth motivated for the coming year and helps prepare them to reach their full potential.

The training will be provided by staff from the Student Leadership Training Program, which sponsors leadership and conferences for adults and student leaders from all over the United States and Canada. The conferences are designed to increase self-understanding and confidence; foster development of leadership skills; to improve communication skills; and to define the role of student leaders. This is a “hands-on” experience, as the student leaders are involved in a practical laboratory style experience.

The SLTP was founded in 1990 and since that time over 10,000 student leaders have attended the program. Every summer SLTP provides youth leadership trainings at Nichols College in Dudley, Mass. Many area youth have taken advantage of the SLTP program as PRIDE continues to offer scholarships to area youth who benefit from the SLTP expertise every summer.

Media are invited to attend the event. Photographers are welcome and PRIDE staff will be available to provide interviews. As always, PRIDE appreciates the support it receives from our local media.

More information on SLTP can be found at

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