Plainfield Voters Reject General Government and Education Budget Once Again

This article was published on: 05/31/17 3:32 AM by Mike Minarsky

Tuesday night was the second time the Plainfield town budget went to a vote.  This time the results were the same except the margins were a bit less.  The first time it went to a vote, the budget was literally squashed by nearly a 2-1 margin of No votes to Yes votes with a 669-288 in favor of no and it was even more of a difference for the Board of Education budget as there were 711 No’s to just 245 Yes votes.  Just under 10% of the town’s registered voters.  Tuesday’s vote had even less with the general government budget getting shot down 179-176 and the Board of Education budget not getting approval 183-165.

The town now had a budget to vote on that would raise the mill rate from 29.05 to 30.52, a 1.47 increase.  In dollars, it’s a $598,290 raise from the current years budget.  One of the biggest issues that’s facing the town are teachers pensions, especially with the state budget in flux, it makes it very difficult to determine.

What’s the next step for Plainfield voters in this years budget dilemma?  Word out of the after vote Board of Finance meeting this evening in Plainfield is that the town is going to present another amended budget with a mill increase of .87 by reducing $489,000 out of pensions, an additional $80,000 out of the Board of Education budget and $30,000 out of the general government budget.  Where the cuts were coming from was not announced.


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