Plainfield Police Department to Add New Drug Detection K-9

This article was published on: 07/24/16 7:07 PM by Curt


At the conclusion of a 10-week state police course, the Plainfield Police Department will be welcoming the newest member of their force, a labrador-type, drug sniffing dog. With his addition, Plainfield will have two K-9’s on their force. The department already has a tracking/search dog named Vader. The new dog will be a “food-reward” trained animal who will receive treats after successfully finding drugs. The addition of the drug-sniffing K-9 is due to the generosity of some community boosters. Recent fundraisers and an anonymous donation raised approximately $6,000 for the purchase and outfitting of the canine. The cost of the canine is $2,800 and the leftover funds will be used for food, veterinarian care and immediate needs.

The new canine will be able to find pills, opiates, cocaine, and marijuana.

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