Plainfield Police Commission Speak on Railroad Safety at Last Meeting

This article was published on: 10/2/17 6:25 PM by Mike Minarsky

Recently Plainfield Police took part in a one day national railroad safety awareness program, which was held in 47 states. This was also met with some contention on social media as it was met with some constructive criticism. One resident, Kristi Green stated “Maybe they should sit down there and enforce the laws pertaining to how long the train can block traffic.” They must have heard her comment because at the last Police Commission meeting in Plainfield.

Chief of Police Michael Surprenant was told that the train can hold up traffic for 10 minutes, but once the train is in motion again the 10 minutes starts over again. After a discussion Chief Surprenant suggested to meet with the Train Master to discuss this issue. Police Commission Chairman William Holmes stated that once a meeting has been scheduled he will then form a subcommittee to meet with the Railroad.

During the one day event, Plainfield Police Officers handed out 900 safety pamphlets to motorists and 1550 to student in the schools systems on Railroad Safety.

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