Plainfield Police: Black Bear Spotted in Plainfield, Issues Warning

This article was published on: 05/17/19 11:12 AM by Mike Minarsky

The Town of Plainfield Animal Control Department would like to warn residents that a black bear has been spotted numerous times in the area of Bishop Crossing Road in Plainfield. On Wednesday morning, a resident of this road woke up to find their young lamb missing from a chain link enclosure where it had been housed. The enclosure was destroyed, the wood housing tipped over and the lamb is presumed to have been killed by the bear. The Town of Plainfield Animal Control Department is working with the State DEEP to locate the bear.

Some tips to avoid attracting bears to your property are as follows.

*Remove bird feeders from your yard

*Tightly secure trash containers.

*Refrain from feeding pets outdoors.

*Thoroughly clean your grills after each use.

If you own livestock, please consider locking them in at night or enclosing their area with electric fencing or reinforced wire.

Please avoid any contact with the bear. Any information regarding the bear please contact the Town of Plainfield Animal Control Department at (860)-564-8547.

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