Plainfield Misses On Both Budgets At Town Vote

This article was published on: 05/21/19 4:54 AM by Mike Minarsky

Only a total of 801 votes were cast in today’s Plainfield  budget referendum which represents approximately 10% of the registered voting base in Plainfield.

Both the General Government budget (2% increase) and the Education budget (1.56% increase) failed on Monday, but not by much. The government budget failed by 9 votes and Education budget by 5.

The Board Of Finance will have to search for deeper cuts in Both Budgets before another referendum date is set.

One Response to “Plainfield Misses On Both Budgets At Town Vote”

  1. Kevin Cunningham

    The numbers from the budget vote reflect exactly what Plainfield needs. A clear cut plan, with numbers reflected from real sources. That starts with leadership giving the public the numbers from CCM, and a plan to stop the continual increase of tax spending when in fact we need fiscal responsibility. The next step of bringing the budget cuts will be telling as to what leadership is willing to do, and I implore you to all pay attention. We will all be looking for cuts, and if the town and BOE are serious about giving the taxpayers quality services and doing it without tax increases then lets hear their plan.

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