Plainfield Marching Band Needs Our Help

This article was published on: 02/2/17 1:30 PM by Mike Minarsky

16426465_10154138478426689_1210780267_n“The Plainfield panther marching band needs our help! As many of you may have heard by now, the SUPERINTENDENT has decided to not include marching band as a credited course next year! It has been a credited course for years. This is obviously a decision that comes with many intense emotions from all involved, but in order to fix this situation it is important that we all keep our emotions in check as we go to battle to save this course which has been the most positive thing to come out of Plainfield High School in a long time. The first step that we all need to take, is to bombard the superintendent’s office with emails and phone calls. These emails and phone calls should: Ask why? Be respectful. We want him to take us seriously. Explain the reasons that this course has positively impacted specifically your student(s). Give lots of examples that he won’t be able to argue with. We need to provide him with reasons that make it indisputable that Marching Band must go on as a credited course at Plainfield High School. As parents, we are entitled to voice our concerns and I believe that if we do this the right way, he will see that this is a mistake. If he does reply to you, please forward your reply to our booster email ( We need to assess what our next step will be from the response that is received. Time is of the essence here, so please take the time to do this right away. TODAY if possible. The more of us that speak out, the more he will see that we mean business. The next Board of Ed meeting is February 8th so we want to see response prior to then. If we don’t get a response from him, then we will make an appearance at the meeting but again in a respectful way. There is power in numbers so please forward this on to any parent, grandparent, friend, supporter, aunt, uncle etc. that you know of that has had a student in Marching Band in the past or present or even those that may be considering it in the next few years. We need to let him know that this is not acceptable. Kenneth DiPietro’s email address is: Phone Number: 860-564-6403″

-PHS Booster Club


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