Plainfield First Selectman: Plainfield Has Confirmed First Case of Coronavirus

This article was published on: 04/3/20 5:02 PM by Mike Minarsky

State of Connecticut has updated their reports in regards to COVID-19 and a substantial jump in positive cases over yesterday.  There 1090 cases more than Thursday making it a total of 4914 confirmed cases in Connecticut which has also contributed to 131 fatalities, up 19 from Thursday.  Just over 20,000 Connecticut residents have been tested for the virus

The town of Plainfield also has confirmed it’s first case of COVID-19.  First Selectman Kevin Cunningham did confirm the state’s report of a positive case in the town.

New London County has accounted for 2 more deaths relating to Coronavirus bringing their total to 3 fatalities.  One of the fatalities was a 94 year old Stonington male.

Fairfield County has been the hardest hit area of Connecticut with more than half of the state’s cases (2716), and 4X more fatalities, 75, than Hartford County, 18.

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2 Responses to “Plainfield First Selectman: Plainfield Has Confirmed First Case of Coronavirus”

  1. William Blackburn

    No datelines on your stories? Is this today, or last month?

  2. Mike Minarsky

    William… thank you for the feedback. You are 100% correct. There were NO dates and times being published with postings! If you look now, you will see that has changed! Thanks again for the feedback!

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