Paving In The Borough Causing Problems For Some Local Business

This article was published on: 07/9/20 3:36 PM by Mike Minarsky

Paving in the borough of Jewett City seems to be back on track as just about all of the borough has now received their final coat of pavement with lines still needing to be painted… The state was supposed to pave at the beginning of the week, putting out road signs to not park in the borough because the paving project would be coming through. It didn’t happen. Some businesses decided to close on Monday and Tuesday due to the state having announced they were going to be coming through.
Dean Rubino of Dean’s Corner Diner was not thrilled to say the least that he made the decision to close because there was not going to be any parking available. Finding out there was no paving at the beginning of the week, let’s just say it didn’t start out Dean Rubino’s week on a high note.

Dean’s Corner Diner was open today as well as Charlene’s Diner and it was business as usual except for the limited parking, less than usual, on Main St.
The State should be finishing up by Friday.

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