(Opinion) It’s Not Gonna Get Spoon Fed, It’s All Right In Front Of You

This article was published on: 07/12/17 10:41 PM by Mike Minarsky

I am very much entangled in social media.  It’s necessary for what we try to accomplish here at Wolverine Radio.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat just to name a few.  We try to distribute as much information in the shortest time possible in order for residents to read and digest.  There’s the Norwich Bulletin that’s available as well.  Problem there is that there has been a history of them not always having a writer that covers our area for one reason or another.  Just in the last 2 1/2 years they’ve gone through Elizabeth, Jackie, Mary, and now there is a new writer that has just started and getting her feet wet.  I’m not knocking the Bulletin, I’m just saying it’s been a revolving door in a very difficult business climate. There’s the New London Day.  The Day doesn’t cover Griswold at all.  Then you could tune in ch 8, ch 3, or ch 30 on cable.  New Haven… Hartford… Bridgeport… Danbury… then the weather man points to Baltic and we all get psyched because WE WERE REMEMBERED… sort of.

So, now what do you do.  Here are some things that I suggest you DO NOT do.

For starters, take a look in the group that you frequent and see if someone else has already posted about it.  Chances are you aren’t the first to have the same question and a simple trip to the search bar at the top of most social media pages will do the trick.  Why is this a better option?  Maybe there is a complete conversation there answering all your questions that you had and you didn’t have to start another post of the same thing and causing a log jam of the same info.  Tuesday evening I distributed information about the referendum as well as the vote totals, shared it everywhere and almost immediately I saw people asking about the agenda and where they could find it… well, 2 clicks of your mouse going down the page and VOILA!!!  There it is!!  You know what happened next?  Someone else posted as well looking for budget vote tallies which pushes the original information down even further for someone else to find.

Wednesday there was a discussion on local social media on what the best way to notify the townspeople of important events.  One said maybe use a phone system to auto dial pre recorded messages like the schools do stating that another town does that.  What if your phone is turned off?  What if you don’t see the voice mail notification?  What if you just don’t answer because the phone number that called you is one that you didn’t recognize so you ignore it.  Someone suggested the town send out mailers.  After a year of mailers, you could take the same amount of money and use it to purchase a new plow for winter roads.  I don’t know about you, but I toss those straight into the garbage, I mean the recycling bin! (grin)

I know that this sounds like a bitch and moan session, but it’s really not.  I think that it’s kind of funny on how the information that people are looking for is right there in front of them, but may not know where “in front of them” is.  Maybe that’s the real issue, is people just don’t know where to look.  Don’t feel bad, if you think that this is you.  I had 2 calls and an email asking me if I would put the town vote information on air and urging people to come vote.  They know we exist.  Why didn’t these folks turn on their smartphones or computers, the same devices they used to ask me to do this, and just listen for themselves?  What they would have found is that it was our lead story all day.

A lot of people use Facebook.  I ask people all the time, “did you see the information about… blah blah blah..”  When I hear a no, the answer is always the same when I ask why.  “It didn’t come up in my news feed.”  (mind blown)  Everyone has the right to inquire on how information is distributed in town, and great suggestions have been made, but some, especially the mailer idea, is probably not financially viable.  Things are changing.  We are in a world now where tweeting, snappchatting, posting on Instagram, Facebooking, Facetiming, texting, instant messaging (because it’s not the same as texting somehow).  It’s not going to change back.  Pretty soon we are going to be introduced to 3-D hologram chat.  Can you just imagine what that’s going to do for the porn industry?  Don’t frown over there because I said the “P” word.  Did you know know in the world of social media that there is a share button to Facebook and other social media sites from Pornhub?  I only know because a friend told me….  But come on now, that’s exactly what kind of content I want to share with my friends and relatives!  It’s changing and you or I can’t stop it.  The next time your teen says “That’s Fire” or “that’s lit” don’t cringe because you may think it’s stupid, because we did the same things as kids in Griswold, like talking backwards.  So, your Fles, and we were saying it while wearing tight bell bottom stnap.  You know who you are.

You might want to embrace the change.  It’s going to continue until you or I aren’t here anymore.  The mailers aren’t coming, there isn’t going to be a phone system for meetings, town agendas, or referendums.  It is going to be posted on social media.  It is going to be covered on your local radio station.  Did you know that little ole Wolverine Radio gets the exact same press releases that go to the big outlets?

Scott Haney isn’t going to talk about the .55 increase to your mill rate in Griswold after this referendum.  He’s not going to talk about who is running for First Selectman in Griswold,  but he will wear some pretty cool stnap, I mean pants, but he will wish you a happy anniversary or birthday.

I know I’ve been joking around, but the reality is that the same information that you are craving is out there. It’s posted locally.  Most of all, it’s posted for the sole purpose to serve our area and to make sure that the residents are informed as much as possible.  Mary does a wonderful job in Griswold Now.  We carry a lot of items they don’t and vice versa.  I know Mary cares about Griswold a lot.  Everyone here at Wolverine loves the town and the borough and trust me, we don’t do it for the money…

We do it for you, the people who live here.  The people that make this community great.  The people that take pride in it’s growth.  Even the people that don’t give a shit, we do it for you because we love this little town.  We will put all this great info and news stories in a big cereal bowl, cover it with milk…. but it’s not going to be spoon fed 😉


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