Official Statement from Griswold Superintendent of School, Sean McKenna on This Morning’s Accident including Students

This article was published on: 03/7/17 7:23 PM by Mike Minarsky

The accident happened on Route 169.  It was a Canterbury Public Schools bus
transporting Canterbury students to Griswold High School and to another high school
in the region.  

We notified all of Griswold Public Schools by means of our connect.ed messaging
system (email, phone, and text) at about 8:00 am when we could confirm a few key
details; we updated our Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.  There were 19 GHS
students on the bus.  In addition to the all-call communication procedures, the high
school administration contacted--by a personal phone call--a guardian of all 19
students.  Students were assessed for injuries, and we are told that the students
had only minor injuries.   We are very relieved that this is the case.  We shall
keep all parties involved in this accident in our thoughts, and were most pleased to
have collaborated with the Canterbury Public Schools to manage this difficult

Griswold Public Schools are deeply committed to supporting their students and
families; should impacted students and families need additional support, they are
strongly encouraged to reach out to the Griswold High School administration.  

Sean P. McKenna
Griswold Public Schools
211 Slater Avenue
Griswold, CT 06351

"We are Griswold, Wolverine Strong"

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