Numerous Plainfield Residents Getting Calls With New Phone Scam

This article was published on: 01/7/17 9:41 PM by Mike Minarsky

plainfield police

The Plainfield Police Department would like to make the public aware of an ongoing scam they have received numerous complaints about recently. The scam involves individuals targeting users of the dating website “Plenty of Fish”. The individuals are posing as law enforcement officers on the phone and telling the targeted individual that they are the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation stemming from somebody they interacted with on the dating website. During the course of the phone call the law enforcement officer requests financial restitution in return for dropping the criminal complaint. The Plainfield Police Department is reminding the public they would never request any financial payment or restitution involving any criminal complaint at any time.

If you should receive any calls of this nature or have any concerns about the legitimacy of any call from a law enforcement officer please contact your local law enforcement agency to verify the validity of the call.

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