Griswold Board of Selectmen Receives Offer For Lake Rd Property

The town of Griswold has been trying to sell a piece of property which is located at 7 Lake Rd. The asking price for the property is approximately $52,000. According to one town employee, there was a lot of interest in the 1/2 acre property which has an older house on the lot. According to the town employee, the doorways in the home are small since it is an older house but would have to be made ADA compliant if it was being bought for the purpose of it being “flipped.”

One buyer whose name was not mentioned at the Feb 2nd Board of Selectman special meeting had backed out of the possible purchase. Another potential purchaser, John Wolkowski, who just recently finished up a term on the Board of Finance in Griswold, did however make an offer of $30,000 which was much lower than the original asking price. First Selectman Todd Babbitt noted that the property has a current town cost of almost $43,000 including taxes and legal fees, with approximately $2,000 additional for closing costs and possible fees with a realtor with no guarantees. Babbitt stated that the town would have a loss of almost $16,000 if the offer was accepted but it would get it back on the tax roll for the town.

The town offered an original walk through of the property which garnered no offers for 7 Lake Rd. 2nd Selectman Steve Merchant made a motion to accept Wolkowski’s offer of $30,000 contingent on a successful walk through and inspection by the potential buyer. The motion was voted unanimously.

The town of Griswold has other properties available which you can get a list from the Assessor’s office. There will also be a forthcoming tax sale in March of this year, where other properties may also be added to the current list.

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