NECCOG Can’t Hire Plainfield’s Animal Control Officer Full Time

This article was published on: 08/21/16 10:53 PM by Mike Minarsky

plainfield animal control

At last weeks Plainfield Board of Finance meeting, one of the items on the agenda was to discuss a possible line item transfer of $47,000 from regional NECCOG Animal Control to local Plainfield Animal Control.  The town’s Animal Control Officer (ACO) was to be employed by NECCOG since animal control issues was going to be handled through NECCOG and not locally in town anymore.  However, the executive director of NECCOG had then gone to their legal counsel about hiring the Plainfield ACO full time, and was advised to not to do so.  First Selectman Paul Sweet said that this was information that he had received after the budget had been completed as well as the agreement finalized with NECCOG.  The First Selectman also assured the Board of Finance that there would be enough funding to continue animal operations within the town, that funding is already in the budget and needs to be transferred as a line item to “Animal Control Salary.”  This line item will continue local animal control operations and not through NECCOG.

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