Multi Family Home Catches Fire From Reported Unlikely Source (pics)

This article was published on: 07/30/20 10:53 PM by Mike Minarsky

On Thursday, July 30, 2020, at approximately 6 PM, a fire was reported at 135 North Main St in Jewett City.  Jewett City, Griswold, Lisbon, and Taftville fire departments all responded to the blaze that was allegedly started by a battery “sparking” on a motor scooter that was leaning against the ride side of the house, if you are viewing from the road.

The fire was knocked down shortly but North Main st remained closed for a while after.  American Ambulance reported to the scene as well, but no injuries were reported immediately.

One of the residents of the home stated that she had “lost everything” in the blaze while carrying her infant.

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