Mr. Jewett City Alan Geer to Purchase Flags To Decorate Veteran’s Graves

This article was published on: 04/10/17 8:57 PM by Mike Minarsky

You may know him as Mr. Jewett City from Wolverine Radio, but others simply know him as Al Geer. Lately Geer has been concerned with something near and dear to his heart and that’s the placing of United State Flags on the graves of Veterans on Veteran’s Day. Geer states that this was an idea from 3-4 years ago during a borough meeting. Since then, the Borough had purchased American Flags to place on graves of Veterans that were buried in St Mary’s Cemetery in Lisbon or Lily pond Rd as well as Pachaug Cemetery in Griswold. The process stopped in 2016 simply because there needed to be cuts to the budget and that happened to be one of the items eliminated. This year, Geer has gone to Borough meetings to discuss if the Borough would start once again purchasing flags for the purpose of Veteran’s graves. At the latest Borough of Jewett City meeting held on April 3, 2017 at Town Hall the purchase was once again discussed. At the meeting, Borough Burgess Laurie Sorder made a motion to fund the purchase of the flags through the Borough in the amount of $1080.00 as long as there were fundraising efforts for reimbursement. There was also a brief discussion on if the Borough would be able to fund 50% of the purchase. However, according to Burgess Sorder, it’s not up to the Board of Warden and Burgess’s to decide where town funds go. Jim Barnie did join the conversation and stated that if the funds were not raised for the Veteran’s Flags, he would donate $100 towards the purchase. The balance of the purchase would then be paid for by Mr. Jewett City Al Geer out of personal funds. One way or another, Flags will be placed on Veteran’s Graves this year, thanks to Mr. Jewett City. Geer did want to make note as well that the flags that are purchased are all American made. If you would like to make a donation towards the purchase of American Flags to be placed on grave sites of American Veterans this Memorial Day, please send a check in any amount you wish to Al Geer, C/O Wolverine Radio 2 North Main St. Jewett City, Ct. 06351. Please made the check payable to the “Borough of Jewett City.”

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