Mikutel Announces Bid to Run for 45th District Seat Challenging Skulczyck

This article was published on: 03/23/18 2:21 PM by Mike Minarsky

Former State Representative, Steve Mikutel, has officially announced that he is once again running for the 45th District, challenging the incumbent, Kevin Skulczyck.  Below is the official press release from Mikutel’s press agent.


Former State Representative Steve Mikutel announces today that he is seeking election to the Connecticut Legislature. He is seeking to represent the 45th Assembly District, which includes Griswold, Lisbon, Plainfield, Sterling, and Voluntown.

Mikutel previously represented the 45th District from 1993 to 2015. He held the position of Majority Whip at Large and Assistant Majority Leader. He was Vice Chairman of the Public Safety and Transportation Committees, Chairman of the Tourism Committee, and a member of the Environment, Education, and Appropriations Committees.

In addition to his legislative experience, Mikutel has served for more than two decades as a local elected official in the Town of Griswold. He served 17 years on the Board of Finance (8 years as chairman) and 14 years on the Board of Selectman. He also served as Chairman of the town’s Youth Services Commission, Park Committee, and Economic Development Commission. He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Finance.

Steve graduated with honors from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. He received his Master’s Degree in Government Administration from the University of Hartford, graduating with honors.

Steve and his wife Paula reside on Bethel Road in Griswold.

Steve believes that his proven leadership, record of accomplishment and experience make him the best candidate.

Steve issued the following statement regarding his election bid:

“Just over two months ago I formed an Exploratory Committee for running for state office. I am humbled by the strong support and encouragement I have received. It motivates me to work even harder to the change the direction of our state, and convinced me that our district needs a strong, effective voice again at the state capitol.

Since leaving the state legislature, I have become increasingly disappointed with the condition of our state. Businesses are moving out. Our young people are leaving to find work elsewhere, and our senior citizens are increasingly retiring out of state saying it costs too much to live in Connecticut.

I want to change the direction of our state. I want to fix Connecticut by putting government back on track. Our problems can be fixed with the right leadership and the right plan.

Here’s what I propose. First, we need to put state government’s fiscal house in order. It begins by balancing the state budget and putting an end to budget deficits. State government must live within its means the same way everyone else does. Raising taxes is not the answer. They tried that and it hasn’t solved the state’s money problems.

Secondly, we need to grow Connecticut’s economy. We need to create more businesses and jobs in our state. Only economic growth will provide the revenue to pay for the services the state provides. Lastly, Connecticut’s politicians need to stop their bickering and partisan politics and work together for the good of our state. My long public service background has provided me the insight necessary to solve the problems confronting state and local government. This is a time for the experienced and battle tested to step up to the serious challenges facing our state. During my years as a legislator, I stood up to special interest groups and political bosses when it was the right thing to do. I fought for working people every single day. If I am returned to the state legislature, I promise to continue fighting for working people.

If you want to change the direction of our state, create a better future for you and your family, and give our district a strong, effective voice again, please lend me your support.”

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