Man Loses Pants As Plainfield Police Attempt to Restrain Suspect, Gets Arrested

This article was published on: 09/2/19 1:39 PM by Mike Minarsky

On September 1, 2019 at approximately 7:36 P.M., the Plainfield Police Department received a call from a residence on Plainfield reporting that a vehicle had just struck their fence and kept going westbound towards Route 12. While on scene speaking to the property owner and potential witnesses the Officer had his cruiser parked in the west bound lane of travel with his emergency lights activated when a vehicle approached the Officer at what appeared to be a high rate of speed. The Officer shined his flash light to signal to slow down and as the vehicle passed they beeped. The vehicle had damage to the front passenger side of the vehicle and the witnesses said that might be the vehicle. The Officer proceeded to attempt to catch the vehicle which pulled over approximately a half a mile from the scene of the accident.

The operator was ordered to shut the vehicle off which was a 1995 Toyota 4Runner with a Massachusetts registration, and turn over the key. While speaking to the operator he stated he had no identification on him but he was able to provide an expired registration and indicated he was the registered owner. As the Officer returned to his cruiser to run the information the operator pulled his spare key out and restarted the vehicle and it is believed he was getting ready to attempt to drive away. The operator was ordered again to shut the vehicle off and give up the second key. The Officer was attempting to gain more information from the operator who was being evasive and just kept saying he was not involved in an accident.

It was believed the operator did not have a valid operator’s license which he responded he would just walk then and attempted to get out of the vehicle. The operator was told to stay in the vehicle until the Officer was done with the investigation. The operator decided to then exit his vehicle from the passenger side. The Officer grabbed the operator by his pants attempting to pull him back into the vehicle but his button gave way causing his pants to not hold up. The operator was able to exit the vehicle on the passenger side but was quickly grabbed and told he was under arrest and to stop resisting. The operator continued to try to pull away as the Officer was able to secure one handcuff. A secondary Officer arrived on scene at which time the operator was taken to the ground and secured in handcuffs. The Officers attempted to stand the operator up and he decided to go dead weight and was carried to the cruiser.

Officers went to the last known address the operator claimed he had allegedly been at, where his identity was confirmed by family as,  45 year old Michael Joseph McGrath of Boston, Massachusetts. McGrath was later processed and charged with, Evading the Scene of an Accident, Failure to Maintain Lane, Operating a Motor Vehicle without a License, Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle, No Insurance, Interfering / Resisting Police, and Criminal Impersonation. McGrath was held on a $10,000 cash or surety bond pending his arraignment on September 4, 2019 at Danielson Superior Court.

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