Local Woman Raises Money For Food Pantry, One Can/Bottle At a Time

This article was published on: 08/26/20 11:39 AM by Mike Minarsky

It was not possible to simply keep the cans in her yard anymore, and received help from Martin McKinney from Service Station Equipment as he assisted with the transportation of the empties by arranging for tractor trailers to come and haul up to the facility for redemption. The first load was well over 50,000 cans. Gleason said that they were paid cash and was surprised that they had enough on had to pay for all that they had.

If collecting the cans and getting transport wasn’t enough, Gleason also had to sort each can/bottle, put them in bags, count the contents, and label each bag. For example, water bottles have to be separate from soda bottles. Plus, the different size bottles also had to be put in their own bags. Glass beer bottles had to be boxed.  Gleason went on to say that one man dropped off over 130 cases cases of beer bottles. “He said that he could only bring 3 cases to the store back at a time.  He donated them and it took him 2 trips to get them all there. One trip of 65 and another of over 70 cases of empty beer bottles.

From start to finish, it took roughly 4 1/2 months and 3 hours per every 3,000 cans. She estimates that it was approximately 300 hours of work. Between cans and bottles, as well as selling signs to supplement the amount to donate, to date, Gleason has over $6200 for the Pantry and is looking to do it again in the fall… the complete podcast interview with Gleason is up on snsnonline.com

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